Regional Biathlon Competition

Bravo Zulu to our Biathlon team for a fine performance at the Zone competition! Our team won 5 of the 6 medals awarded in the Junior category (between ages 12-14). We would like to congratulate the following medalists: In the Jr Female category FCpl Huang, Yimi – 1st place, Gold FCpl Sung, Eve – 2nd place, Silver Cpl Wu, Desiree – 3rd place, Bronze In the Jr Male category Cpl Li, Sam – 1st place, Gold FCpl Li, Davis – 3rd place, Bronze Also, congratulations to AC Tsang, Deryk-James from 59 Squadron! He placed 2nd in the Jr Male category. Some of our cadets may be moving on to the […]

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WO2 Sham’s Age-Out

Hello 759!  It has been a true pleasure to be able to serve as one of your Warrant Officers. Throughout my years as a cadet, I have learned three things that will help you in your cadet career. Take advantage of all the opportunities that are presented to you during your time within the cadet program; whether it’s gliding, FTXs, or any other squadron event. They are rare opportunities that are offered no-where else. When you are faced with a challenge, don’t be afraid to ask for help from your colleagues and NCOs because they are there to support you. Try something new! If you are free during a weekday […]

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December CO’s Parade

Congratulations to all the cadets who were promoted last night. We hope this is just your first step towards success! Also, we would like to than Mr. Eugene Cordeiro for his ten years of service. We truly appreciate your dedication and your beautiful photography, which capture 759’s history. We wish you the best at 59! Photographed by: FCpl Hsiun, E

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Level 1 & 2 FTX 2014

Hello! I hope you all had a fun-filled weekend despite the rain! Attitude Checks:  Alpha – http://youtu.be/cm1u2FJ6Iy4 Bravo – http://youtu.be/D8rnltthxac Charlie – http://youtu.be/GHR2lOxuIPw Delta – http://youtu.be/S-8H9kVabRM Photographed by: Sgt Yeo

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BC Lions Cadet Sports Night

Hello and welcome to our very first post! We will be updating you on all of 759’s events. On October 12th, our squadron and a number of others across the Lower Mainland were invited to attend the BC Lions Cadet Appreciation night! We started the day with a behind-the-scenes tour of BC place, and we would like to thank 2Lt Trapp, as she was our host for the night. After the tour, we participated in fun activities (Touch football, tug-o-war, and Port and Starboard) on the BC Lions field! We later changed into our uniform and watched Catching Fire before we got the sideline experience of watching the Lions warmup […]

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